WhatsApp wishes to implement a double verification code feature in order to improve user security. WhatsApp already has a number of privacy-focused features in place, but increasing its efforts to keep users safe is a good thing. The messaging platform is currently working on incorporating a second verification code to allow for safer access to a WhatsApp account from a new phone. Here are the specifics.

WhatsApp is developing a “Double Verification Code.”

WABetaInfo has shared a new report indicating the development of the “Double Verification Code” feature, which will display an additional step of verification code when attempting to log into your WhatsApp account from another smartphone. This will be in addition to the current one-step verification process.

It is revealed that after successfully entering the first verification code, you will be required to enter a second 6-digit code, which will be sent to your phone number. A pop-up will appear informing users of the second verification code. This is to ensure that you are attempting to log into WhatsApp and not some cybercriminal. Here’s a preview of what to expect.

The feature was created in response to a recent WhatsApp scam in which people were duped into giving hackers access to their WhatsApp accounts by sharing the verification code. This additional layer of security is intended to put an end to this. It also appears to be an intriguing concept.

However, there is no word on when the double verification code will become available to users. Because it is still in development, it may take some time to reach beta users and even longer to become available to general users. This new privacy feature is expected to be available to both Android and iOS users.

In related news, WhatsApp is expected to introduce more new features for users, including the ability to edit a sent message, an undo option for deleted messages, and much more. It remains to be seen when all of these features will be added to WhatsApp, and we will make sure to keep you updated. As a result, stay tuned!

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