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6 Steps to Effectively Threat Hunting

6 Steps to Effectively Threat Hunting: Safeguard Critical Assets and Fight Cybercrime

  Finding threat actors before they find you is key to beefing up your cyber defenses. How to do that efficiently and effectively is no small task – but with a small investment of time, you can master threat hunting and save your organization millions of dollars. 6 Steps to Effectively Threat Hunting Consider this […]

Severe Flaw in Google Cloud's

Severe Flaw in Google Cloud’s Cloud SQL Service Exposed Confidential Data

A new security flaw has been disclosed in the Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) Cloud SQL service that could be potentially exploited to obtain access to confidential data. Severe Flaw in Google Cloud’s “The vulnerability could have enabled a malicious actor to escalate from a basic Cloud SQL user to a full-fledged sysadmin on a container. […]

New Stealthy Variant of Linux Backdoor BPFDoor Emerges from the Shadows

A previously undocumented and mostly undetected variant of a Linux backdoor called BPFDoor has been spotted in the wild. cybersecurity firm Deep Instinct said in a technical report published this week. Stealthy Variant of Linux “BPFDoor retains its reputation as an extremely stealthy and difficult-to-detect malware with this latest iteration.” security researchers Shaul Vilkomir-Preisman and […]

Microsoft Warns of State-Sponsored

Microsoft Warns of State-Sponsored Attacks Exploiting Critical PaperCut Vulnerability

Iranian nation-state groups have now joined financially motivated actors in actively exploiting a critical flaw in PaperCut print management software. Microsoft said. Microsoft Warns of State-Sponsored The tech giant’s threat intelligence team said it observed both Mango Sandstorm (Mercury) and Mint Sandstorm (Phosphorus) weaponizing CVE-2023-27350 in their operations to achieve initial access. “This activity shows […]

New Ransomware Strain 'CACTUS'

New Ransomware Strain ‘CACTUS’ Exploits VPN Flaws to Infiltrate Networks

Cybersecurity researchers have shed light on a new ransomware strain called CACTUS that has been found to leverage known flaws in VPN appliances to obtain initial access to targeted networks. “Once inside the network, CACTUS actors attempt to enumerate local and network user accounts in addition to reachable endpoints before creating new user accounts and […]

Western Digital Confirms Customer

Western Digital Confirms Customer Data Stolen by Hackers in March Breach

Digital storage giant Western Digital confirmed that an “unauthorized third party” gained access to its systems and stole personal information belonging to the company’s online store customers. Western Digital Confirms Customer “This information included customer names, billing and shipping addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers,” the San Jose-based company said in a disclosure last week. […]

You Have Android Mobile Do This Important Step Now

You Have Android Mobile Do This Important Step Now You Have Android Mobile . Do This Important Step Now even if you did it before.most of people ignoring this important simple step which is update software. There are always improvement available for your android mobile for the system and the device. but this is not […]

UnPatched Critical Zero-Day Vulnerability Impact Several Android phone models

  UnPatched Critical Zero-Day Vulnerability Impact Several Android phone models Google has revealed that it has found evidence of an uncorrected vulnerability in the Android operating system that is being used in real-world attacks currently named (CVE-2019-2215). In December 2017, older Android versions were patched, even before the CVE number was provided to the flaw. […]

Sophos Mobile Security for Android

Security application  for android devices we will recommend Sophos Mobile Security, an effective program from a powerful company that does not affect battery life or mobile performance. The application protects your device from viruses and malicious files. It also protects you from spam. In addition to keeping the privacy of your device. Because you may […]

Security for iOS

Download Sophos Mobile Security for iOS and Safeguard Your iPhone

In today’s digital age, ensuring the security of our mobile devices is of paramount importance. iPhones and iOS devices are no exception, as they contain a wealth of personal information and are increasingly targeted by cyber threats. To protect your iPhone and ensure a safe mobile experience, it is essential to download and install reliable […]

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