Computer Security Day 30 November

November 30 when the world celebrates World Computer Security Day , but celebrating the day is not just like any celebration on any occasion.

as we celebrate to make sure that the computer is fundamentally protected for everyone in the world.

It was the first day in celebration of this day in 1988 and is now celebrated by schools.

corporations and government institutions in the world.

How do you celebrate this occasion?

In order to celebrate this day, ensure that personal data is protected as much as possible in the following ways:

Make sure to use a strong password

One of the most important steps in protecting your data is that weak passwords take a very large percentage of penetration around the world.

Do not connect to unknown or public wireless networks

There are lots of speeds to connect to open networks in case they exist where the network may be a fishing net by a hacker.

Update OS and softwares

Try as much as possible to use the latest operating systems as the modern systems less vulnerable to many of the threats that appear in the world of the Internet.  also programs that you install as some updates come to patch security holes in it.

Online shopping from reliable websites

Do not use your PayPal or VisaCard accounts in unknown or HTTPS locations. It is preferred to buy from popular sites and use PayPal.

Use a powerful antivirus and update it

You should use a licensed virus scanner and large known companies, not small programs or anonymous sources found via online advertisements that you do not know who used them before. The virus is always constantly updated.

Back up your data

It is important to backup your important data whether files  contacts.

or any important data for you to ensure that they are not lost in any of the circumstances you may get for your device.

Why Global Computer Protection Day

These are some of the most important tips to protect your computer .

at the basic level must be confirmed on the occasion of the International Day of the computer.

also not only protect these procedures.

as we do not address other security topics in articles coming. 

what we have said that anyone who uses a computer .

or smartphone to make sure And are not binding on a particular category of users.

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