Is Google Play Store safe. Many mobile users working on the Android system trust only the Android Apps that are in the Google Play market blind trust.

Android users are afraid of installing programs that are not on the play store because they may be unsafe. But are the programs that are not available in the Google market safe? The answer is there is security and there is unsafe and there may be a violation of the laws, but not be serious or contain malicious software and the same mobile applications in the Google market there are safe and there are applications containing malicious software and also there are viruses at the same time.

More than 100 applications on the infected store play called Android.Spy.277.origin in 2016

It appears as in the following pictures

Request permission in installation

This was just one example and another example of the HummingBad virus that was prevalent on some Google Play apps.

We get to the conclusion that the applications on the Google market are not secure and you should not be too confident about every application you install on your device and will explain in a later article about how to detect malicious and spyware applications in your device.




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