تصطف تلقائياً في فنادق اليابان Furniture and Objects

Furniture and Objects such as Shoes are Automatically lined up in hotels in Japan watch the amazing video

Within the new technology, there is money that sticks furniture and objects such as shoes automatically lined up in hotels in Japan.

thanks to Nissan’s self-driving technology.

The Yipopilot Park Ryokan Hotel in Japan combines the traditional character of Japanese hospitality .

and Nissan’s latest technology for self-driving vehicles by providing advanced technology for the comfort of its guests: slippers.

tables and self-aligning floor pillows.

These vehicles are equipped with Nissan Propobilot Parkman technology.

which is used to auto-park to allow these vehicles to return to their places once they are finished with the use of a button only.

The hotel is at first glance as traditional as any hotel of the same style or so-called Japanese Ryokan.

The slippers are automatically lined up at the entrance to the hotel on a regular basis.

in the manner of hotels in Japan.

ready and replaced by hotel guests with their shoes as soon as the lobby enters.

In addition, the rooms and halls of the hotel, known as the Tatami in Japanese tradition.

, include tables and floor mats that are self-propelled simply for the person to sit down.

Furniture and Objects such as Shoes

Watch the video

ProPILOT Park Ryokan | Inspired by Nissan ProPILOT Park

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