restore factory settings

You will not lose your files when you restore factory settings to your phone with easy steps

restore factory settings Here’s the solution across the following three steps you should do before you do restore factory settings with easy steps.

Save music in Google Cloud service

Android users can transfer their music to Google Play Music.

where up to 20,000 songs can be added free of charge and music can be listened to from any device and users.

will not need to save their music on the phone afterwards.

Backup your photos and videos

Anyone using Android phones can rely on the Google Photos app to back up all photos and videos before setting up factory settings.

The application offers many powerful features that make it the best place to hold .

and organize photos and videos in a smart way.

The app provides unlimited storage.

and makes it easy to access photos with Gmail from anywhere in the world and from any device.

It also offers a range of advanced image enhancement tools such as lighting.

contrast and color settings, as well as an innovative set of filters that make images look vibrant.

The app provides powerful mechanisms for sharing photos with friends.

such as creating shared albums or sharing photos with any email, phone number, or contact from within the app directly.

How to keep documents

Users can rely on Google Drive to transfer all their documents, as the service offers up to 15 GB of storage.

Files can be accessed from any phone, tablet, or computer.

and the service can quickly share files, folders, and documents without having to send attachments via e-mail.

After doing these basic steps that allow him to save his data.

he can now restore the factory settings to recover the various files easily and will not feel the user any loss of files.

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