DU Battery Saver application for Android


DU Battery Saver is an application or program to keep your mobile battery “free” working for more time.Battery Saver application for Android is the  battery power, making your battery last longer. Around 400 million users around the world prefer DU Battery Saver. Using previously configured Smart Battery Management modes and one touch controls and battery pack features from the DU Battery Saver application, you can solve battery problems and extend the life of your battery.
Why should I get DU Battery Saver (Battery Booster and Battery Charger)?
One-click optimization and Battery Saver application
Instantly detect and fix battery consumption problems and open detailed settings to adjust power-saving operations well;

DU Battery Saver application for Android
DU Battery Saver application for Android


Previously assigned smart modes
Select or customize an energy-efficient mode;

Phone Cooler
The cooling feature regularly monitors, manages, and disables CPU-intensive applications to protect your devices;

Battery Saver and Battery Monitor
You can monitor all applications that drain power when these applications are not used, and remind the user of high-consumption applications. This indicates the amount of battery power that will be supplied when you use the one-click save feature. You can monitor power consumption for all running applications, list the details for you to the application manager, the battery monitor, and view the battery life status and use it clearly;

An appropriate power supply interface
The Task Killer interface will work to improve power consumption appropriately. The 4×1 user interface makes it easy to manage Wifi, data, brightness, etc., as well as set power saving modes;

Smart Charge application
Display the charging status in real time, estimate the remaining time for charging accurately.

Both the Battery Saver and the Battery Monitor are two of the simplest and easiest ways to keep your Android phone working properly when you need it, as well as protection against poor charging, battery-depleting applications, and obsolete device settings that reduce battery life.

Remember that the battery life is dimming the battery consumption in terms of full discharge and charging as you are here using the default battery.

Download the Battery Saver application for Android from Google Play Click here:


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