How to Delete All Old Posts on Facebook with Easy Way

delete all old posts on Facebook If you are a Facebook user for a long time, you may suffer from deleting all old posts on Faceboook

You may receive a lot of posts published every year, but the solution here is very easy to add plugin in Chrome browser then you can deletee all old postss on Faceboook.

delete all old posts on Facebook Install ‪Social Book Post Manager‬ plugin 

download the plugin from this link

After installation, go to your personal account and enter the activity log

you will see years log and record different activities on the other end like posts . Images and posts that you are tagged, choose what you want to filter out like posts.

Click on plugin icon at the top and it will show you as the picture:

Now select the year in which you want to delete your posts and you can select the month and also you can select all.

Choose what  you want, then choose the speed you want in the page and select Delete.

Or hide in case you want to hide specific posts or photos from your timeline. Click here to delete and leave the add delete.

As you can see, thousands of posts are deleted within a few minutes depending on your internet speed.




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