protecting your mobile

Protecting Your Mobile Phone, Accounts and Files Based on Your Email

protecting your mobile . The modern man has an electronic footprint and is connected to the smart devices of phones, computers and internet stuff.

Many became aware of the importance of information security and security of personal computers.

bank accounts and social networking accounts you have to take care of protecting your mobile.

There are errors and errors may not notify the user of the Internet and Hwa e – mail does not know the value of this thing and also a breakthrough.

Many users complain about the ability of some hackers to access their phone files and contacts.

as well as the Whatsapp conversations.

While it was confirmed that the device was not hacked, how did this happen?

By penetrating the email of the person to what the mobile is connected to.

while the automatic access of information related to the phone.

go as follows:


Files while activating google drive

Accounts via password recovery

Watts talks while backing up the talks

You saw that the analysis of hacking issues has been answered by accessing the e-mail in any way was by the hackers.


whether fake pages and advanced social engineering methods or files of ironing logger or at times are through gaps.

We will explain everything the hacker reaches by penetrating your email in one picture

As you see the seriousness of access to the email.

you should be careful where advised to follow the following tips in the case of using email.

and linked to accounts in order to protect your mobile:

  • Attention to the powers to be taken when linking email to various web applications and focus on the request to access the password, for example.
  • Do not use one email for all the different accounts you own
  • Link email accounts that save files like google drive for necessity.
  • There are some applications that are called Third Party for the same thing as in a point that may not require access to powers, for example via the API, but may request the User and password directly and avoid these applications, whether for mobile or the web
  • You may receive messages telling you that you have won prizes and ask you to send your identity information including your email address so you can not reply completely to these messages and send any information and may also ask you only to contact them where they will request your email to send you some documents or ask you bank accounts so avoid interaction with them.

These were some tips and explanations in a nutshell as there are more techniques and deception and through the use of some gaps and tools to deceive users used professional hackers will talk to them with lessons and articles coming and focus in Protecting Your mobile.



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