How to keep health of laptop battery – rumors and facts

There are rumors and there are facts on the subject of the use of laptop battery and how to prolong life and Maia uses that shorten the life of the battery and cause damage to, but what we want to keep the battery life of the laptop for a longer life.

Wrong Rumors laptop battery

  • Battery charge 8 hours when you buy a laptop, we do not know where it came from at this time. The laptop battery when shipped 100% The charge on the battery is automatically disconnected.
  • When the battery charge reaches 100%, the charger must be disconnected. This is one of the faulty rumors. You do not have to disconnect the charger to continue it. There is absolutely no effect on the battery.
  • When the battery is used to medium levels, it must be emptied before charging. Many people hear that you have to fully discharge the battery for recharging in every operation. This is wrong, but there is a similar process that needs to be done in order to prolong life.

laptop batterySave Battery with long life

One of the most important practices of battery life is:

  • Do not leave the battery completely discharged from the charger.
  • which is one of the reasons for shortening the battery life.
  • If you want to save the battery outside the laptop.
  • you must charge it and then take it out and save it.
  • Charge the battery 100% and then use it until fully discharged and then shipped at least every two weeks in order to activate the cells.
  • this is the most important procedure for the prolongation of battery life.
  • and then you can use normally discharged and shipped from the text or any normal use of the battery.
  • Charging the battery from its charger and recommended voltages .
  • and charging via other chargers may cause battery failure and short life.

Safe use of  battery better than maintenance

In many times the defect may be not from the battery where it may be from the system or the charger connector. If the computer does not turn on.

remove the battery and run through the charger to make sure the battery is causing the problem.

If the battery is the reason, change it better for the safety of your device.

The methods to be used to conserve the battery are wrong and are not recommended by the device manufacturers.

Keeping the battery is better than maintaining it.


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