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Privoxy tool to fully control your privacy while browsing the Internet

In the world of online privacy and security, tools like Privoxy have become invaluable for individuals seeking to protect their personal information and enhance their browsing experience. Tool to Control your privacy. Privoxy is a versatile web proxy tool that allows users to control and customize their privacy settings while using the Internet. This article will delve into the contents of Privoxy’s download mirror located at and provide insights into the available options for different platforms.

Understanding the Download Mirror: control your privacy

The download mirror of Privoxy, hosted at, presents users with a variety of options tailored to different operating systems. Below is a breakdown of the available directories:

1. Android:

This directory contains the Privoxy package suitable for Android devices. By selecting this option, Android users can enjoy the benefits of Privoxy on their smartphones or tablets.

2. Debian:

For users running Debian-based operating systems, the Debian directory offers the Privoxy package specifically designed for these platforms. It ensures seamless compatibility and integration with the Debian ecosystem.

3. FreeBSD Packages:

FreeBSD users can find the Privoxy packages tailored to their operating system in this directory. By choosing the appropriate package, FreeBSD users can enhance their privacy and security while browsing.

4. FreeBSD Port:

The FreeBSD Port directory contains the necessary resources for installing Privoxy on FreeBSD using the Ports Collection. FreeBSD users can follow the instructions provided to efficiently integrate Privoxy into their system.

5. Macintosh (OS X):

Mac users can find the Privoxy package for their operating system in this directory. The package is optimized to work seamlessly with Macintosh systems, providing users with enhanced privacy features.

6. OS_2:

This directory caters to users running the OS/2 operating system. It offers the Privoxy package specifically tailored to OS/2, ensuring that users can maintain their privacy and security while browsing the web.

7. OldFiles:

The OldFiles directory contains previous versions of Privoxy. While it is generally recommended to use the latest version, accessing older versions may be useful in specific circumstances or for compatibility purposes.

8. Sources:

This directory provides access to the source code of Privoxy. It allows advanced users to explore and modify the codebase, contributing to the development and customization of the tool.

9. Win32:

Windows users can find the Privoxy package optimized for their operating system in this directory. By downloading and installing the Win32 package, Windows users can enjoy enhanced privacy and control over their online activities.

10. iOS:

This directory caters to users of iOS devices. By selecting the appropriate package, iOS users can integrate Privoxy into their devices, further enhancing their privacy and security.

11. pkgsrc:

For users running operating systems that utilize the pkgsrc package management system, this directory offers the relevant Privoxy packages. It enables smooth installation and integration for these systems.

In Conclusion, Privoxy’s download mirror provides a comprehensive selection of packages for various operating systems, allowing users to easily integrate Privoxy into their preferred platform. By visiting, individuals can access the appropriate package for their device and enhance their online privacy and security. Whether you are using Android, iOS, Windows, Macintosh, Debian, FreeBSD, or other supported operating systems, Privoxy offers a versatile solution to protect your personal information and control your browsing experience. Take advantage of this powerful tool and enjoy a more secure and private online journey.

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