Udemy offers paid courses and free video courses. Here I added for you a number of free courses in mobile applications programming in video. All of these courses are in mobile applications to teach mobile app programming. All courses are clear, high – precision and best – of – charge. Mobile App Development free Courses from Udemy.

Before you follow the courses. I want to alert you that you must practice the programming language and to make anything can be programmed. Because programming language is easy to practice. No matter how you follow lessons and do not practice, you will forget what you learned. You should create applications and even if only to imitate applications already in existence.

Mobile App Development in 27 Minutes: Android

Android app in Android studio. Learn Android app development now!
What Will I Learn?

Create an Android app very quickly.
Understand the separation that Android has between Java code and GUI (layouts)
How to save shared preferences in an Android app



Rapid Prototyping with Ionic: Build a Data-Driven Mobile App

Retrieve data from multiple API’s; d3js charting, caching, databasing, RSS feeds, notes, (un)follow functionalities.

What Will I Learn?

Build a powerful data-driven mobile app with the Ionic Framework
Retrieve and cache data dynamically from multiple API’s
Build interactive data-driven charts using d3.js and Angular-NVD3
Implement note taking functionality
Sign up and authenticate users with Firebase
Read and write user data to and from a Firebase realtime database
Configure dynamic content-rich news feeds from RSS feeds



Deploying Android Apps to Different App Stores – Correctly!

Use 30 minutes to learn how to deploy your mobile app to Google Play the RIGHT way and explore other alternatives.

What Will I Learn?

Deploying your apps into Google Play Store.
Deploying your apps into Amazon App Store.
Deploying your apps into Opera Mobile Store.
Deploying your apps into Samsung GALAXY Apps Store.
Make some modifications of your Android code so that your app also can deploy to Samsung GALAXY Apps Store.



Learn Mobile Programming By Example With Codename One

A walkthru of real mobile application demos that shows you how you too can build an elaborate mobile app from scratch

What Will I Learn?

Understand the basic features of Codename One
Build a simple mobile app
Create simple special effects for such apps



Try Angular v4 | An Incredible Front End Framework by Google

From Web Apps to Mobile Apps, Angular is a juggernaut as a client-side framework… learn the basics in this course.

What Will I Learn?

Create Angular Apps
Angular can be a web app, a mobile app, or even a native mobile app (with Ionic)
URL Routing
Custom Pipes
HTTP requests with Angular
Creating custom Services
Deploy an Angular app to Heroku
Integrate Bootstrap (v3) to Angular



How to publish an Android App on Google Play Store

Step by step lectures on how to prepare your App for publishing, create a Google Publisher account and publish the App.

What Will I Learn?

Publish an Android Application the right way
Learn what are the steps to become an Android developer


Android Development from Scratch to Create Cool Apps!

We start learning Android Programming by understanding concepts and implementing them live!

What Will I Learn?

Get a firm grip on Android Programming.
Learn to Find solutions to any problem related to Android Programming.
Appreciate the power of Open Source !




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