Academic Search Engines

Students need to do scientific research in their field that they study until they reach previous research. I added for you academic search engine. In the light of these researches and information, they have a lot of information that helps to provide scientific research in their field. Academic Search Engines used by the student or researcher to facilitate access to sources for writing excellence scientific research.

Academic Search Engines

The site contains a number of sections that you can look forward to, and searches for previous searches.
The National Archives of Washington, a large archive and has a large number of research.
One of the world’s most powerful search engines for researchers. Follow the University of Bielefeld University.

A free tool to control scientific sources and add them in your search. Where it provides more than six million sources.

Google Scholar is a Google search engine that is dedicated to academics. All the resources that the site has for you, follow universities, books and previous research. Is considered very excellent. But sometimes it does not give you the things you crave. Also, the problem sometimes requires you to pay the book or search to buy it.

Search engine for over 300 thousand searches around the world.

Search engine for US Conger research, more research on history, maps and political facts.

In my opinion, this is the best academic search engine, as it provides you with all the required research, in any field you want. It is an excellent search engine. You can search in the file folders and you can search the web. All results are scientific and can be used in your research.

A search engine is linked to Google, where it offers you a number of e-offices that you can search all of them from a single search engine.

A search engine linked to Google, dedicated to search in many scattered electronic offices.

Search Resource Center for Educational Researches. Its electronic library contains many scientific researches. The site follows the Institute of Scientific Research (NES) in the United States of America.

This list is not all the academic research engine. You can find more websites that work as academic search engines.

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