Tor Browser to hide your identity

Tor Browser protects your private communications from being detected, if you are connected to a private network or even using public networks..

It is under the management of volunteers, to hide the identity of users.

Tor Browser to hide your identity. No one can track you when you use Tor Browser. Because the operating system of the program is similar to the VPN systems, which helps to hide the identity.

Tor browser to hide identity

The service run by volunteers provides privacy and identity to hide on the Internet by disguising your identity and hiding websites that connect.

Tor provides a quick and easy way to connect to the Tor network for people who may sometimes need privacy and anonymity.

when opening websites. Very excellent for sharing private files and browsing political sites.

and publishing articles and political images in countries that prevent freedoms and oppressions against their peoples.

Tor works like the rest of web browsers.

The difference is that it sends your connection through Tor.

making it difficult for those who watch you to see your online activity, and it’s hard for people who are watching websites to find out where you’re connected. Keep in mind that only the Tor browser activity will be compelling. Installing the Tor browser on your computer will not mimic the activities you are doing on the same computer using other programs. For this reason, it is easier for you to browse and may be faster than other browsers.

Using TOR hides your identity and can not know your location and the data of the device you are using. But this does not mean you trust that your data will be hidden on the Internet as soon as you use the program. There may be sophisticated ways in some global systems to disclose user data for the Tor program.

Tor Browser to hide your identity
Tor Browser to hide your identity

You can upload to any device or system used through the official website of the program.

A copy is available for Android and iOs

Download the Tor Browser to hide your identity

The web site
The web site

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