Apple conference 2023.

Apple conference 2023. IPhone introduces a new feature to choose the caller ID photo.

Apple announced during the events of the annual Apple Developers Conference 2023 WWDC to introduce a new feature for iPhone users through which they can choose favorite photos to appear when receiving a call from friends and relatives. Apple conference 2023.

Apple’s iOS 17 update

As part of the iOS 17 update. Apple is rolling out a new feature that allows users to choose their own caller ID photo. allowing them to have a “consistent look” no matter who they are calling. the company says.

IPhone users will be able to customize their contact card “sticker” with a photo or Memoji of choice. As well as text.

IPhone maker’s shares fall
Shares of the iPhone maker closed down 0.76% at 179.58 dollars. on Monday, after rising to 184.95 dollars at its highest level. The stock was on track to finish the trading session above its record close of USD 182.01 in January 2022.

However. Apple shares are up 38% for the year. Meanwhile. Unity Software shares rose 17.2% after Apple said it was working with the company to release the Vision Pro.

Apple shares were at a record high in the middle. On Monday morning, before the annual developers event.

Apple shares rose to 184.36 dollars on Monday. above the closing high of 182.01 dollars in January 2022 and the intraday high of 182.94 dollars in the same month.

Apples conference 2023.

It is noteworthy that the company’s stock has risen by about 42% this year. With its gains driven by the hype surrounding artificial intelligence and the rush of investors to huge defensive stocks in the face of an uncertain economic environment.

It is noteworthy that Apple’S WWDC event is usually the place where the company usually announces some new features that will come to its products later in the year. Therefore. we are almost guaranteed to see iOS 17 for iPhones. For example. And the latest version of macOS for Mac devices. In addition. You can make possible talk about new programs for Apple Watch, Apple TV and others. Apple conference 2023.

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