Russia blocks the download of Windows 10 and Windows 11. Russia no longer has access to Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Windows 11 ISOs and installation tools, and the company has not given any explanation for this restriction.

Over the weekend, the TASS news agency in Russia broke the initial news of this issue, which swiftly gained traction on Twitter.

Russian customers are being presented with the warning “404 – File or Directory not found” while attempting to download the Windows 10 Update Assistant, the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, and the Windows 11 Installation Assistant using a VPN server in Russia, according to BleepingComputer.

Users are presented with the error message “There was a problem with your request” while attempting to download Windows 10 and Windows 11 ISOs, as illustrated below.

Strangely, the Windows 11 Media Creation Tool may still be downloaded, but using it finally results in an error message reading “For some unexplained reason, this tool failed to execute on your machine” with the error code 0x80072F8F-0x20000.

Russia-based individuals have also confirmed to BleepingComputer that they are unable to download Windows media. But they claimed that they could download the files from Microsoft once they connected to a VPN server outside of Russia.

Russian news outlet Roskomsvoboda claimed today that although the government is opposed to the use of VPNs, individuals who use them in the nation won’t face punishment. This is despite the fact that Russia has been regulating their use.

Whether this is a technical error or a deliberate action by Microsoft to prevent downloading is unknown at this time. Additionally, when BleepingComputer approached Microsoft with inquiries regarding the problem, they had not responded with any information.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, Microsoft has been gradually withdrawing its services from Russia, beginning with the suspension of all sales in the nation in March.

Microsoft-owned GitHub started suspending developer accounts connected to blacklisted businesses in April, even if the users no longer worked there.

Microsoft stated last month that it was cutting back on activities in Russia and firing 400 workers there.

The barring of Windows installation material was unexpected because the business has maintained that it will uphold its contractual responsibilities to Russian customers.

Microsoft has not yet provided additional information.

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