YouTube makes it easy for creators to make changes to their work. YouTube is rolling out a new feature that makes it easier for producers to update information in their videos that isn’t totally accurate. On the Creator Insider channel, a YouTube product manager revealed that the corrections tool will allow creators to “draw attention to errors and clarifications in the descriptions of their already-published films.”

Creators can include a “View Corrections” info card in their film. Users can access the adjustment in the description by clicking or tapping on it. The card, on the other hand, will only display once, for the initial timestamped adjustment. If a creator has numerous adjustments to make, this may not completely fix the problem, but it will at least allow them to bring attention to their first clarification and notify users that the description has information worth reading.

It may be a better option than altering and reuploading a video, which would result in the creator losing the present view count, likes, and comments. Creators can also pin a correction to a comment, but there’s no assurance that viewers will read it.

YouTube developed the feature in response to feedback from creators. By the end of June, all eligible creators will have access to it. It will not be available to individuals who have active strikes on their channel or whose video may be inappropriate for some users. Still, it’s a valuable feature that will assist artists in providing proper information if they see something isn’t quite right after posting a movie or if someone else points out a mistake.

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