specifications of the device

Know the specifications of the device required to run any game before buying or downloading it

specifications of the device If you are a fan of the games .

and who are following the new versions of the games you may want to download or buy a game.

But you may be shocked after buying a certain game that needs specifications that exceed

that you have or may work but in a veterinary.

specifications of the device .  required to run any game:

There is a solution to this problem and you can buy a game after confirming that it is compatible with your device specifications and to solve.

this problem there is a site that provides the service to display all the specifications of any game you are looking for.

At first, enter the System Requirements Lab where you should ask Can Can run it


Search for the game you want to play. For example, you want to play one of the famous war games Call of Duty Type a keyword and you will be shown all versions Choose any game

After selecting the game, click the “Can you run it” button

The first option will be loading a small application of the site to measure  of your device for the game and spoils you that you can play the game.

The second option is to display the specifications of the game.

and you decide whether it is compatible with the browsers of your device.

For example, we want to display certain game specifications, we will choose the second option.

The game specifications must match the specifications of your device or the specifications of your device.

will be better either less, the game will run slowly or may not work.

Now I have figured out how to know  required to run any game.

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