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Revealed the gang responsible for the overthrow of half of the Internet last year and its relationship with the game of Maine Craft

The gang responsible for the overthrow of half of the Internet. .

Finally was the curtain the most serious contemporary issue in the world of penetration and electronic information security witnessed by the world in the year 2016 at the Court of Anchorage, Alaska.

Three young Americans have acknowledged their planning and management for an unprecedented BotNet network with unsecured Internet-connected devices.

such as surveillance cameras and wireless routers that unleashed massive attacks on key Internet services around the world last year.

which caused what is believed to be half of the Internet.

Surprisingly, their motivation was not linked to a particular national or religious orientation, particular thought, or anything like that.

The story of the gang responsible for the overthrow of half of the Internet

It was an insidious story last year when OVH, France.

was attacked in September of a DDOS denial of service 100 times greater than any attack of this kind at all.

On Friday evening in October 2016, the Internet was slow and stopped all over the eastern United States.

with Dyn being attacked and stopped, a key part of the Internet’s backbone.

The cyber attacks, which have overthrown what is believed to be half of the global Internet.

have posed a clear and explicit threat to human life on Earth.

warning humanity of the catastrophic immediate future that awaits us if global agencies at all levels do not act .

and take the necessary steps to address such extremely dangerous threats. .

Prosecutors said the defendants had not originally intended to drop the Internet but rather to gain an edge in the Minecraft computer game.

The FBI and the gang responsible for the overthrow of half of the Internet

“It was like the Manhattan Project, a study and research project conducted during the Second World War that led to the development of the first nuclear weapons.

said Bill Walton, a special FBI investigation commissioner who did not know the force they were unleashing.

Detecting the threads of this mysterious crime that has raised worldwide Internet security concerns in 2016.

has prompted the FBI to engage in a strange journey.

in the world and the underworld of DDoS denial attacks.

as it is possible that the same people who offer you help today are In fact who attacked you yesterday.

When the FBI was able to solve the mystery of the case.

they discovered that the perpetrators had just moved into a new scenario of inventing an e-crime business model that no one had ever foreseen.

signaling a new threat from botnet networks.

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