Facebook launched Marketplace Platfrom In Morocco Egypt and Algeria


Facebook has launched an e-shopping platform in Arabic in Algeria, Egypt and Algeria called Marketplace, which allows users to take advantage of the Facebook platform to showcase products and products for sale and purchase.


The user can also easily repel illegal items and report on them, and report on sellers who violate unwanted rules or dialogues.

whether for items sold or sent to the user via Facebook Messenger.

The new platform allows users to view and search for items for sale or purchase.

The platform allows the seller and buyer to communicate with each other directly through Facebook Messenger.

And agreement on the value of the transaction, and can record all the sales and purchases by the user in the “Your Items” section.

Where he was managing director of Facebook in the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan.

There are over 550 million users on the Facebook platform worldwide to make purchases and sell in their communities.

The Marketplace platform comes to complement this momentum, creating a common platform for buying, selling and searching for different varieties.

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has seen an exponential growth in e-spending as the Internet expands.

As it is expected to announce the launch of the rest of the Arab countries.

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