SICO Is The First

SICO Is The First Smartphone Made in Egypt

A major Arab achievement for Egypt, especially the production of SICO for the manufacture of silicon first Egyptian smart phone. The first Egyptian smart phone industry SICO Is The First .

And Sico less earlier than to buy a phone (45), at the end of last year.

The phone was due to be released at the end of last month, but it is cautious.

SICO Company

While SICO is targeting first: the rest of the past e-mail.

SICO launches its mobile phones in cooperation with the Chinese suppliers of its product line at prices starting from LE 200 with a phone of Plus 3 .

and 850 LE with a phone of Plus 2, 3G and 1000 LE, Plus 2 G4, 2000 LE and Wafa 2, Is the phone «Nile X» at a price of 4200 pounds.

Engineer Mohammed Salem, Chairman of SICO Silicon Industry.

expressed his pride and happiness in realizing the long-awaited Egyptian dream of inaugurating the first and most famous Egyptian citizen.

who always strives to stand up from his flock in Egypt.

“SICO is proud to partner with mobile operators in the Egyptian market, from Telecom Egypt, Vodafone.

Etisalat and Egypt Telecom to the success partners of the Egyptian government research system at the National Post Authority and other business partners in Egypt,” he said.

I think he is losing his step as the first Egyptian smartphone industry. We hope to continue to manufacture and develop Egyptian and Arab products. SICO Is The First

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