Caller Name Talker for Android

Caller Name Talker will read out incoming caller name, SMS sender name and battery low alerts for you. Not just that, Caller Name Talker can read Gmail, WhatsApp, imo, WeChat, LINE and Telegraph app alerts too.Caller Name Talker can even read entire message for you. You can control app using voice command as well.

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Caller Name Talker uses the built-in Android text-to-speech engine to voice the caller or SMS Sender ID. If your mobile do not have pre-installed text-to-speech engine, Caller Name Talkerrwill redirect you to Google play to download and install the same.

Some of the exceptional features offered by Caller Name Taalker are –

-WhatsApp, Gmail, imo, Facebook, Skype, Viber, WeChat, LINE and Telegraph app notification alerts.

-Announce customised alerts for contacts. Can mute alerts for selected numbers.

-Options available to play the caller name only if the caller name is in the contacts list.

-Announces the SMS content.

-Interactive SMS read option to control SMS content reading with voice commands.

-Option available to switch between languages supported by the Text-to-Speech Engine in your phone.

-Options available to select Name types.

-Adjust Volume – Use ringer volume or use custom set volume.

-Turn off caller name alert feature, if Phone is in the silent mode.

-Configure time interval to repeat playing caller name.

-Shake your phone to stop caller name alert, while the phone rings.

-Customized message can be added before and after the caller name. Eg :- John Doe Calling

-Customized message can be added before and after the SMS sender’s name. Eg :- SMS From John Doe

-Change voice speed and pitch settings.

-Option available to test current voice speed and pitch by using custom message.

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