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What Is The Best Antivirus? Get the Answer Now

We always find computer users asking “What is the best antivirus for computers? the most powerful antivirus “

Is there final answer for all users ?

We will answer your inquiry through our experience in personal and business transactions, but at the outset we will mention these facts about the antiviruses.

First: There are sites to evaluate the best fight or antivirus, which publishes the best ten fights and may win example Kaspersky or Bitdefender, for example in the first place, but this does not mean the best fight .. Why?

The assessment is done through criteria such as the speed of the fight, system degradation, detection power and intelligence in proactive defense. Sometimes also by the number of users using the specific protection program.

Second, antivirus may have a virus detection but a heavy hand on the device requires a strong specification and vice versa. There may be less detection and light control on the device and there may be a counterweight to the pages. Therefore. the struggles differ in performance and result.

Third. An attacker may excel in detecting viruses but fails to protect against the dangers of the Internet and the firewall. For this you have to differentiate between firewalls and antivirus!! Firewalls protects you from hackers and external attacks on your computer. antivirus scans files and programs and detects and deletes malicious files.

Finally, a competitor may excel in his own version of the companies. Which is managed through a server for fighting and so-called end points.

We get an answer to our question via the facts mentioned.

The best antivirus is compatible with your computer and your requirements … How?

I do not care about the dangers of the Internet so I will choose to fight only viruses and light example Avira free version and this was an example.

Also. I am concerned about the dangers that come from the Internet I will choose to combat, which supports the properties of protection in the use of Internet and e – mails.

in addition. I care about the lightness of my machine. So I use the avast!

If you always receive files from the Internet and from different people. You need to use a firewall. For example Comodo Firewall.

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