Apps Draining Battery

How to Find out What Apps Draining Battery in Android

You may notice a lack of battery life for your mobile after you buy and install software and the battery draining is noticeably high, and you want to know what apps draining battery in my phone Apps Draining Battery.

Battery draining during mobile operation depends primarily on mobile applications, but how do you know which applications consume the battery? There is a very easy way.


Go to setting.

Then go to battery.

We also notice that there is an arrangement for more battery-intensive applications. It is up to you to remove applications that you may find unimportant compared to the fact that you consume the battery. Where the biggest application consumes battery is facebook If you have a problem with the battery is recommended to remove it and use Facebook via the web by entering or facebook lite:

after installing facebook lite you will see there are change in battery life.


Installation speed – app size, so it can be downloaded quickly and occupies a small storage space.
Fast download – the fastest application we offer to our customers. You can upload photos faster and follow up on friends’ updates;
Use less contact data – more effective in using mobile phone data. It allows you to save money by using less contact data.
Work on all networks – The application is designed to run on 2G networks and in areas with slow or unstable Internet connections.
Work on most Android phones – You can use the app on any AndroidD, new or old.





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