Broadcast a Wireless Network via Laptop And Run It as a Modem with HostedNetworkStarter


HostedNetworkStarter offers you a great and free program for creating local networks and streaming internet through your laptop, so you can broadcast a wireless network via laptop easily. 

The benefits of the program is free and maximum lock your network with any password encryption you want like a real modem.

You also have the option to share Internet or connected devices.

All you have to do is start the program at the following link:


HostedNetworkStarter Usage:

All you need at the start of the installation and the slot will show you the interface of the program.

Click on the green icon or from the File menu, click Start Hosted Network.

It will show you the following interface:

In the Network Name box, type the name of the network that will appear to users

Network Key Network Password

To share the Internet is a clear sign of health in front of Share the Internet

The option below is to choose the Wi-Fi network card you want to broadcast from and you can choose an external card such as if you are connected to a piece of Aplha or other cards.







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