Monitor Your Home with Android App

Now you can monitor your home and find peace of mind by turning your old smartphone or tablet into home security camera, baby monitor, pet cam, or senior care cam with walkie-talkie, motion detector, and night vision.

You can with Alfred Home Security Camera application:


  • Remote access: stream live video wherever you are.
  • Movement sensor and moment alarms: dependably know when something happens.
  • Free distributed storage: spare and keep recordings.
  • Walkie-talkie: interface with family, pets, conveyance man, or discourage interloper.
  • 360 camera: cover a bigger territory with the two focal points.
  • Zoom: get the most modest subtle elements.


All inclusive

Alfred is good with most cell phones and tablets available. Did you get another telephone? For whatever length of time that your old gadgets run Android 2.3, they are good with Alfred. Your old cell phone and tablet can have a productive second life and fill another need! You won’t have save devices gathering dust or going to squander any longer! Do you work behind a PC throughout the day? Utilize Alfred’s WebViewer to stream video nourish from your PC.


Everybody needs to secure their friends and family and guarantee their wellbeing. You needn’t bother with a professionally checked home security framework. Not at all like conventional CCTV frameworks or observation cameras, you can put Alfred anyplace and change as regularly as you need wherever you have to fortify security. You don’t need to purchase an IP cam or webcam. Other than the cost of the hardware, these savvy home apparatuses frequently charge a month to month expense. With Alfred, there is no convoluted establishment, IP settings, or contract. You just need to download Alfred to construct a DIY home security framework: unadulterated and straightforward.





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