Youz – social networking application for communicating secretly

The launching of the application Youz was by Palestinian engineer Ahmed Batu CEO of CyberOne Communications. He announced the official launch of social networking application Youz and made it available to the users around the world for free.The objective of this app is to communicating secretly.


“YouZ is a social network in itself and what distinguishes it from other applications is that you, as a user, do not have a personal profile and communicate and respond to users only by randomly chosen random images when adding each comment.

Features of the app that provided for users:

  • Share secrets and talk about your opinions with your friends and talk freely and keep anonymous.
  • All the secrets you see come from friends and society, but you will not know who published that secretes as it gets with you in spreading your secrets.
  • Learn about the near and far away secrets.
  • Explore and know the world’s most popular secrets.
  • You can join in conversations and give your real opinion and express what you want to say freely.
  • Possibility to chat privately with any user of the application.
  • If you like this type of social network you’ll like it

For downloading Youz app via Google Play:

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