Devices at home other than phones can spy on you

Devices at home other than phones can spy on you You may not expect too much that there are home appliances that spy on you other than smart phones. In modern technology, the devices have become connected to the Internet, and Internet access is becoming impossible.

What are the devices that can pose a risk to your privacy?

TV sets

Most of the Wikileaks leaks are known to be details of hacking tools used by the CIA.

to spy on users.

including the development of malicious software to spy on TVs that make users think their screens have been shut down automatically.

But unfortunately no one expected to have domestic appliances spying on you.

Documents show that the agency targets Samsung-produced TVs with malicious software that secretly records audio content.

 that is later transmitted over the Internet to its servers as screens return to work again.

The gravity of this software is being exploited by cybercriminals around the world after it has been stolen and posted on the Internet.

as was the case with the massive ransom attacks that rocked the world in May.

Devices at home other than phones can spy on you.

Smart refrigerators


Since the launch of smart refrigerators in the market warned many specialized security authorities to develop technologies to penetrate.

these refrigerators and exploit them in offensive operations to steal the e-mail account and thus personal information and passwords.

Some of the shortcomings of these smart refrigerators can be exploited to steal e-mail or carry out other attacks.

such as DDoS Attack.

such as what has been reported about a new botnet exploiting the Internet for stuff to launch denial-of-service attacks.

There are different devices depending on manufacturers such as kids’ toys and surveillance devices.

but we have reminded you of the most devices that you should pay attention to.

It is recommended that if you use home appliances in your home, office or office, .

all you do is separate them from the Internet to avoid any risks and protect privacy, especially family privacy.

I remember that such a problem was presented in the Silicon Valley series but I thought it was just representative but it appeared to be true.

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