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Delete Temporary Files from Memory manually in Android phones and find what consume space

You will notice that the performance is weakening in terms of speed and you will notice that the battery life decreases over time and installs more programs. As the memory is full of files you did not enter, there are temporary files that take up space of memory, you should delete them.

At first we will explain how to delete temporary files (cached data) that take up a lot of memory.

First enter the Settings settings

Then go to Storage Storage

What we see there in Cached Data

564 megabytes equivalent to more than half a gigabyte of data is not important and take up memory space

To delete it, click on it

A confirmation message will appear, press OK and the files will be deleted.

As you will notice by the deletion limit the amount of data has been removed and approximately 500 MB of memory has been saved.

Also note the space went 564 megabytes of memory.

Next article on how to find out why battery life is short. But do you want to know what happened? We will explain to you the technical vocabulary of the phones

Question 1 What is Clear Cache?

 First, cache is the cache that maintains specific types of data.

the goal is to speed up the functionality of different applications without any problems, and make the process of opening and using applications more smooth, because the amount of data stored in this memory prevents processing a lot of new data somewhat It always stores all the data and there is a small amount of data that is processed each time when the same application is opened.

 Question 2 What is Clear data?

  You should know that the word Data is stricter than Cache. When you scan cache data, you scan temporary files and preferences, and keep other data, such as passwords saved in the application, but this process erases all data for the application, The app is as new as if it was loaded a few seconds ago, and returns everything to the default application when you start downloading, installing, and opening the application again.

Here you become familiar with Maha Cache and how you can save space in your mobile.






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