Data Gif Maker Tool Launched by Google to convert boring data into animated images

If you’re an animator, Google has launched an animated Data Gif Maker that allows users to convert boring charts and numbers into GIF animations, allowing users to select the desired indicators and convert them effortlessly into visual data.

Link to the Data Gif Maker

The tool aims to help journalists and storytellers to transmit information visually through simple animation.

The tool is simple to use and is designed primarily to help people show the differences between two different competing things.

by comparing them to each other and requiring the user to enter information manually.

Google’s new platform enables you to create a GIF animation to show a comparison between two elements in terms of percentage or value.

For example, if you want to represent the percentage of people supporting an idea during an exploratory session and find it difficult, you can use this tool to get visuals The viewer’s attention is very simple.

You need to log in to the site by clicking on the link below, then filling in the information.

Click on Launch Comparisons from the top of the page to view the animation chart. If you like click on Download as Gif to download it carefully. High or faint Of.

The emergence of the Internet and large data has led many companies to help people understand the flood of information they.

have at their disposal to access meaningful data, Charts can be published.

While others are taking steps to monetize animated GIFs.

Tenor last month launched an instant analytics tool designed to teach marketers how to use GIF files.

The feature of this service is that it is not limited to images.

You can set any images to be converted.

but the animation feature is short.

Generally, with this photo editor.

you can directly share the photo with a set of posters that can be added to the photos

as well as other filters and effects The application has a full GIF image editor.

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