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Are you a programmer or developer sites or have experience in e-marketing or have a skill in design and graphic or perhaps a professional writer or have experience in the accounts and management of the foundations or want to work translation !! Now work online. This site is suitable for you, where you can register to view your experience and register as an independent so that the site is the mediator between you and those who request the services provided by. You can also display your work and what you have done to receive various offers from different people who request your services. The payment system is a different site, you may choose the exact time or work specified by itself. The services are scattered over more than one domain.

Featured website that makes you communicate with customers from all over the world, where it is in English. You will meet clients from different countries, such as America, Canada, Australia and Canada. This difference and the different countries, will give you the opportunity to generate high purchasing power by customers in these economically rich countries. Anyone can work online through this website.

How does the site system work?

For example, there is a customer on the site who wants to work on a specific project.

First: looking for someone who works for him the project he wants. According to the needs he wants for his project.

Second: Browse the profiles of individuals who provide services and after communicating with them, can choose them. Be aware that he has chosen you and moves on to the next step of the agreement.
Third: After this the customer will give the work data required to be completed and completed according to what he will describe and will be a clear agreement between you and him to complete the work.

Fourthly and finally: After the request is clear and the work is done, and then send it and alert it to agree – you will receive the amount agreed in advance.

One of the advantages of the site is that it is a strong link between you and all customers. They will watch your work and also you can deal with them. Because the customer pays the service value of the site. After you have completed the agreed service, you will receive the agreed amount.

Work online


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