Take picture of anyone trying to use your mobile

You can find out who is trying to unlock your mobile from your friends or family by taking picture of him through this app. Take picture of anyone trying to use your mobile. Third Eye app job is to take a picture of your mobile. This program is excellent to protect your privacy. Mobile is no longer a device for making calls and sending messages, but has become a store secrets for everyone, bank accounts, family photos, videos and so on.

Sometimes you may have to put your mobile phone in order to be shipped and not under your eyes so a busybodies will try to get your privacy into your mobile. Through the Third Eye application you will take pictures of each person trying to unlock your Android without and voice. The program may contain ads because you are using the free version, but no problem so that it performs the purpose. Which it is to take picture of anyone trying to use your mobile.

In addition, the best of this program is that its size is small and it is free and you can download and use it easily and performs the function of taking a picture of your mobile phone to know who is trying to play on your mobile.
You can download a photo capture program for your mobile.

Furthermore, Use the third eye and pick up all the mobile voyeurs with ease. The Eye Eye application will ease your task of catching your friends and family while they try to access your mobile phone. The third eye will take a picture while someone tries to access your mobile phone using a PIN, pattern, or password. You can catch red snorkels and ladder using this application. Provides a lot of great features.

Third Eye
Third Eye

Advantages of the app to take picture of anyone trying to use your mobile:

1. The application automatically takes a picture while someone is entering a PIN, pattern, or password.
2. Inform about wrong attempts while opening the screen lock.
3. The last unlocking feature will show you the previous screen unlock time. With it, you can easily find out if someone is using your mobile phone without your knowledge.
4. Records detailed pictures of mobile voyeurs.
5. Lots of customization settings.

The program is on Google Play


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