Many smartphone users are charging their phones during sleep to take enough time to fully charge the phone battery and then go to work or study. This is not a good way to phone batteries and everyone wants to Extend Smartphone Battery Life .

We will talk about advice from Cadax, a specialist in testing smartphones and batteries, and run a free tutorial site called Battery University, some tips on how to charge and recharge the battery in smartphones.

Tips to extend smartphone battery life and charge it properly:

Do not make your mobile battery carry out

It is often said that you should exhaust the battery completely before charging again. This is not true. According to experts, full battery discharge before shipment is bad and harmful to the battery, so avoid the battery charge to the alarm.

Charge your phone a little and continuously

It turns out that charging the phone battery in small doses often may be the best option for battery health in your phone. According to Battery University, if you charge your phone 10% to 20% at a time, you will keep your battery safe.

Keep battery charge between 65% and 70%

No point is considered to be optimal to maintain the power of your phone, according to the University’s battery team should maintain 65 to 70 percent of the charge ratio in the battery for better performance of the smartphone.

Do not charge your phone battery up to 100%

Do not let your phone reach a 100 percent charging rate, because modern lithium-ion batteries do not need to be fully charged and not desirable to do so because the high voltage affects the battery operation.





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