Make your site compatible with smartphones


Make your site compatible with smartphones Browsing via phones is climbing increasingly from day to day. Many marketing experts expect that browsing through phones will exceed browsing through steady devices in the near future.

in some countries such as China and India.

this object actually happened browsing through phones is greater than browsing through phones Devices way.

If your site is not configured and optimized for mobile devices.

you will lose many visitors and may even lose your work soon, so make it a precedence for your work. According to a study conducted by

speed in loading pages is the most preferred by Internet surfers using smart phones 16% of browsers By phones, they do not return to the site if it is slow.

Before going into these tips, I advise programmers to read this reference from Google

Tips to make your site compatible with smartphones:

  • Simplify the design and make it proportional

The design for smartphones does not have to be like the design for ordinary large-screen devices.

it is better to make your design for smartphones one column for the visitor to browse vertically, not to go right or left.

this would distract the visitor, so it is always better to speed it up one column.

The small screen should not display a lot of information that would distract the reader through the mobile phone.

  1. There are several ways to do this either by purchasing optimized and ready-made themes. or add- ons that will improve your blog whether the site is based on a blog.
  2. Or rely on Google’s reference to build the style from scratch and improve it for mobile. I recommend this method for programmers.
  • Content Optimization

Know what the visitor needs from your site. Visitors to the B6g.

net News usually need to browse the news quickly.

and they can only read the headlines.

so do not make them read the entire topic and put a lot of text on the screen.

Give them addresses. Whether they find that the title attracts them.

take them to another page, which is the topic page or The news.

  • Make navigation easier

Make the navigation between the sections of your site easier and better, visitors do not want a thousand pages and a thousand links for each section.

and it is always preferable to make the most important sections on the start page of the site.

Do not forget that phones have a small screen, so do not make the important links too small so that the visitor cannot click on them.

or press five links together due to their smallness.

Larger or use rather large icons to move between sections.

Use the moving menu (as it is in the world of technology) whether there are a lot of sections you want to show the visitor.

  • Make your site faster compatible with smartphones

Whether you successfully made the first point (simplifying the design), this will really do the job and will facilitate.

and speed up browsing, of course Flash I advise against using it moreover to that it is not compatible with the SEO of your site.

it also causes you problems browsing by phone .

and will slow down Browsing in general, do not use too much JavaScript either, an alternative is to use HTML 5 , which everyone likes.

Large images and high resolution also cause slow browsing, think are these images very important, provided not.

how much you reduce them or even cancel them whether they are not important.

Use the page speed that I talked about in a previous article of mine to make Optimized images.

  • Make your website or business name visible

You should not forget the logo of your site and make it visible in browsing through phones.

this will add a good impression to the visitor who visits your site for the first time, whether he sees it compatible with his device and fast, he will always prefer you over any other competitor when he is looking for something particular.

These are some simple tips for website owners, but whether you are a programmer, I advise you to look at the Google guide that explains and details more.

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