To compete with TikTok, Facebook is considering a huge overhaul.

To compete with TikTok, Facebook is considering a huge overhaul. For a long time, Mark Zuckerberg and other Meta executives have stated that competing with TikTok is their top priority. Now we have further information on how they aim to accomplish this by fully overhauling the Facebook app.

According to a document from a Facebook official released by The Verge. the social network is working on a massive revamp of Facebook’s main feed that will prominently focus recommended content from sites. creators, and individuals you don’t already follow.

The idea, according to Tom Alison. who heads up Meta’s Facebook app. is to turn Facebook into a “Discovery Engine” that relies largely on suggestions. akin to TikTok’s “For You” feed. Recommendations will primarily come from “unrelated” content. such as Reels. and users’ feeds would contain fewer postings from friends and relatives. In an effort to encourage users to share more information from the “Discovery Engine.” the concept would also bring Messenger’s inbox back into the Facebook app.

It’s unclear how long Meta will take to make these modifications. some of which are similar to those being implemented at Instagram. However. this isn’t the first time Meta execs have hinted at major changes in Facebook’s app. nor is it the first time we’ve heard of a planned shift from social network to “Discovery Engine.”

Zuckerberg stated

In April. Zuckerberg stated that the firm was undergoing a “major shift” that will alter the dynamics of feeds by putting AI-driven recommendations ahead of users’ social graphs.

Nonetheless. Alison’s memo emphasizes how critical the new priorities are for the company. which is frantically attempting to catch up to TikTok.

However, the corporation may face difficulties as a result of the change to more suggestions. The company’s current recommendation algorithms have been accused of propagating disinformation and exploiting divisiveness. While Alison told The Verge that there would be stronger controls for recommended content. the firm has had trouble enforcing its own policies in the past. In his memo, Alison also mentions that the corporation is adjusting its perspective on its responsibility to reduce “bad encounters.”

“‘Reducing unpleasant experiences’ has been eliminated as a product priority.” Alison wrote. “since it’s more accurately related to the product culture we’re aiming to establish throughout our strategy of being ‘Trustworthy.’ ‘People-Centric,’ and ‘Unified.” “As opposed to a short-term goal. our focus is on accomplishing this comprehensively across all of our products as a permanent part of our culture.”

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