A TikTok-style editor has been added to the PS5’s game clips editor. Today, Sony announced a new rapid editing option for the PS5’s Share Factory Studio that allows users to produce shortform gaming videos in Tik-Tok-style forms. Sony noted in a blog post that the new editing function, dubbed “Bits,” allows gamers to select a curated Bit style for their gameplay clip or further tweak their film with the “Quick Edit” mode. Every week, new Bits styles will be released for players to enjoy. Themes for Bits will be based on upcoming events, holidays, seasons, and popular material.

“Our objective with Bits is to make creating and sharing short-form gameplay films for sharing fantastic achievements, jokes, stunts, and any other type of eye-catching content very easy and exciting for PlayStation gamers,” the firm noted on the official PlayStation blog.

For those unfamiliar, Share Factory Studio is a free editing program from PlayStation that allows players to capture and edit gameplay footage on their consoles before sharing it on social media. The app has powerful video and audio editing tools, including as HDR video compatibility and the ability to add animation, stickers, filters, and voice effects. Bits appears to be a simple approach to churn create social media-friendly gameplay clips for individuals who are intimidated by Share Factory Studio’s various options.

Check out the little trailer below to get a glimpse of what Bits is like.

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