The hackers now are using social engineering with new tricks to hack professionals.

Now most of you know the social engineering. It’s dimensions, but I see new generation of social engineering is targeting professional not just normal internet users.

No traditional tricks and random targeting for professional users in LinkedIn;as example, or email to your companies. First let’s mention normal tricks to hunt users in internet

Common Social Engineering Tricks

  • Phishing pages for email, social media account, and etc.. . It tells you that you should activate your account or any fraud. In order to let you open the fake link and write your credentials.
  • Gifts emails or prizes
  • Email asks you information to complete registration scholarships as example or getting jobs or travel , and etc..

Internet users know; that, there are a lot of common of frauds always you will face it in internet. Also, some of them come with stories; but, what I don’t expect new generation of social engineering targeting professionals, and imagine that if security engineers; also, are targeted.

Why we ignore fake messages and phishing naturally

When you receive email from stranger. Even if it contains something related to your life or work you have a doubt why the stranger has chosen you.

So here is smart targeting comes with event or post you published in social media; because, it is chance for hackers to send you that they liked your post. You will believe that and become acceptable for their actions with you here I will finish my story.

New face for social engineering you should take care

Two actions make you have a doubt about social engineering
first the beginning and start contacting with you
second the required things from social engineering as example inter your info, login, resister,download, and ect .

What happened is new social engineering fraud;when, I was writing and discussing with people in IT security group. There is someone liked my post ,and it is normal when you share your knowledge in social media, then he requested connection with me and I accepted that. He Sent compliment message and i thanked him for that, then I invited me to cyber security conference in Dubai and he will prepare requirements for me and this is something i am interested in.

IT looks good opportunity even I will attend or not I didn’t feel any doubt about his offer. Also, he attached brochure for the conference as you can see the images below

As you see it looks like real from the brochure, and I didn’t realize that it is a fake until I checked last page which contains VISA information.

Everything was real start from the reason that let him contact me with fake brochure until he asked the VISA information.

Things you should take care against social engineering hunting

  • Hackers know how to start conversation with you not randomly.
  • They study your interests and involved with something you like .
  • They give you offers that related to your activities and work
  • Hackers also make a real world and professional work for hunting you in unexpected way.
  • Hackers also make a real world and professional work for hunting you in unexpected way.

In conclusion, we can not predict all social engineering attacks and frauds , but we can be awake for any new tricks, and remember that the hacker should asks you to do something and action to hunt you. Be careful you don’t know from where they will come to you.


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