You Have Android Mobile Do This Important Step Now


You Have Android Mobile Do This Important Step Now even if you did it before.most of people ignoring this important simple step which is update software.

There are always improvement available for your android mobile for the system and the device, but this is not only thing that you have to care about.

Most of updates related to security issues and without those updates you let your device to be vulnerable for many security threats like hacking and infecting malware. and now we hear about new 0-Day flaw affecting most android phones being exploited in the wild “CVE-2019-2215” and there are many vulnerabilities affecting android.

You should update your mobile software periodically even if you have the last version of android, because having last version of android doesn’t mean that you are safe.

Just visit system update option in settings

system update gives you update for device software from manufacture company and also new android operating system.

You can see what type of update you will get, and here we see security update.

Update android

note that after doing this update I got update for device improvement and enhancement.

So you will get two benefits

  1. Device improvement
  2. Security enhancement

Always be updates .

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