What do you know about Arduino ?

What do you know about Arduino ? Arduino is an open source electronic development board consisting of an electronic circuit with a single-computer.

controlled controller designed to make the use of interactive electronics in interdisciplinary projects easier. Arduino is used primarily in the design of interactive e-projects or projects that Designed.

to build various environmental sensors (eg temperature, wind, pressure, etc.).

-Arduino can be connected to various programs on the PC.

-Arduino relies on programming language, open-source processing, and the special code code.

-ArduinoO is similar to the language (C c programming language) .

and is one of the easiest programming languages ​​used in writing software microcontrollers.

What do you know about Arduino ? Arduino Products


Arduino cannula covers

When Arduino was designed it was one of the basic goals of the design that is easy to use for all categories of people and that makes anyone capable of doing many electronic projects without having to know the great technique, from here the design and manufacture of Arduino covers or what is known as Arduino armor Arduino Shields

Cover: An electronic panel in the same size as Arduino and placed above Arduino’s core panel and makes a set of special functions that need complex electronic components and circuits. The cover is used in short time and effort to build these electronic circuits. More than one cover can be installed and used on the same Arduino plate .

Arduino and ARM Cortex architecture

In 2009, Arduino introduced a new quality introduced by LeafLabs, which developed a new ArDino board called The Maple board, which runs on an electronic chip from the ARM Cortex family. Arduino introduced a new horizon of speed and power. All ARM chipset features high-speed processors Guo processing starts from 72 MHz and reaches in some releases to 1.5 GHz.

 Arduino Arduino and FPGA chipset

In spite of all the rapid developments in the various Arduino paintings.

the development did not stop the ARM Cortex but reached the Field-Programmable Gate Arrays FPGA.

In 2010 an open source project called Papilio Arduino was developed, It operates with FPGA chips and can be programmed as Arduino C.

The Papilio Arduino project was designed to solve these problems and a new development board is being presented to the Arduino family. The Papilio Arduino IDE is a modified version of Arduino IDE to make Arduino compatible with FPGA chips and papilio boards for sale from mid-2010.

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