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5 important rules to use social networks

It is believed that the total number of people in the world is about 7.4 billion people. By the end of 2015, Facebook had risen to 1.59 billion users. With an annual increase of 17%, the number of social media is too large to be ignored. The same applies to many other popular social networks like Twitter, Instagram and others. Five important rules have been added to the use of social networks you should focus on.

Twitter has 310 million active users a month. Many of them chant more than a hundred times each day. More than 40 billion images have been exchanged on Instagram since its launch, and more than 80 million images are published there every day.

This is a huge gamut of data, some of which are important, some of which are interesting and some are useless. Social networks with their own trends and laws are working in the real world extension and one that has a great impact on our lives now. In this article, we offer five simple rules that we believe each user of social networks must keep in mind.

1- Do not publish or share a publication that is contrary and illegitimate

The authoritarian and deceptive publications are illegal and there are countries that are silent in laws such as the United Arab Emirates and New Zealand, which penalize offenders for up to $ 35,000.

2. Do not redeploy tricks

The so-called technology Scams where the pages are hunting people and raise money and passwords for their accounts.

3 – Think about the reactions of readers

Many companies search for a person who is offered a particular job in social networks and study effective responses. Be careful as you write and comment on social media publications.

4. Do not rush your private data publicly for everyone

Sometimes private data may be dangerous to you by thieves or some criminals, while they can know when you are out of the house for example or private information about your presence or may be exploited by your enemies in anything that may cause harm to you so be careful in the information you present in social networks.

5 – Do not respond to the nerds and deceitful

At some times the user may respond to the pages that tell you that you won an award and so on tricks, be careful to respond to those letters and claims where you expect the monument and a lot of problems.

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