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Why Post-Penetration Security Programs Are More Important than Preventive Security Programs

Security Programs Many believe that anticipatory defense programs are more important in the event of a breakthrough.

but in this article we will tell you the contrary that the security programs that come after the breakthrough .

come to the most important.

How and why post-hacking programs are more important than proactive defense programs?

First, post-hacking programs are not important to protect PCs or smart devices.

but let’s explain concepts first.

Preventive protection: Come to those security procedures.

either software or hardware that prevent the occurrence of a breakthrough such as fighting and firewall

Protection that concerns post-penetration:

may not be called protection but called monitoring programs and fast response procedures.

Here we will take care of the server systems and large systems used by companies .

and when the penetration of the biggest losses and when you get the least losses from hackers attack.

In the event of a system penetration

Let us clarify now in the case of a breakthrough for Server, for example, to facilitate the example server surfer Web .

where proactive protection may be ineffective, especially if there are gaps 0day Where the site will stop or tampering .

Here is important work What would you do if you are the owner of the server security measures taken by Your failure and have been penetrated Surfk This is what always happens.

the strongest protection companies have been hacked but the question comes after the breakthrough?

If you do not have a post-hack procedure, your site will stop for a long time.

until you know the cause of the hack and it is very difficult and you may need to re-maintain or unprofessional procedures.

In the case of monitoring and warning programs may occur penetration.

butt every step taken by the hacker registered in the log file.

.but the registration in the file is insufficient, there may be a huge number of queries registered.

-but the special systems filtering only those specialized breakthrough in a professional view of all variables and the same procedures .

The systems in the networks are quick to respond and address them.

Proactive defense programs reduce the risk that you may be exposed to.

but sometimes the intrusion is indirect or in a non-hacker way.

This is a simple definition and we will discuss in detail the detailed explanations and articles coming to the systems and procedures.

Security Programs . You can view this article.

which describes information that you may not know about the trojan horse.

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