find out how much profit expected from ads and visitors- website statistics

To know the statistics and value of the site. We will explain one of the great services provided by Cutestat – website statistics .

View the average daily visits and the value that the site deserves, and not only this, and also shows you the estimated profit for the site and also the rest of the characteristics of the site evaluation on google rank and alexa.

Through the result and statistics provided by this site, you will benefit from knowing the value of your site and its importance to visitors and what if it achieved a result of the number of visitors and visits. Based on the statistics of the site and the result that shows you and shows you the performance of your site with visitors and traffic to it, you will know if your site is in progress and that visitors visit it from time to time.

How to know website traffic:

First open

Then type the site domain to retrieve the identity information as in the image, and then press lookup


You will see the results as shown in the following images. If the site has a saved status on the site, you can click the update stat button to restore the accounts

The site shows you the daily number of visitors to your site and the number of daily visits to your site. Also shows you the statistics of Beige Rank with the ranking of your site in Alexa and its importance on the Internet. It shows you the number of bacnalk that leads to your site and the popularity of your site on the search engines.

It shows you a measure of your site speed and the speed of browsing on the Internet from 100. Also shows you the price of your potential site as shown in the image $ 15,120!

There is also other information, showing you how old the site is and when the site was booked and the sites on the server and what codes used by the site to complete the display process in the browser. It also checks the status of your site’s link with Google browser and other browsers.

The InPage feature shows you the stats of your site next to SEO. It shows you how much h3 you use and h1 and h2. Beside the number of images used to display, the site link also appears in Google Adsense if it is linked to it. Also, the codes for IE are internal pages and sometimes they may be harmful.

ايضاً , تظهر احصائية و قيمة الموقع

You can try it.

it is free.



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