IOS 11 Features

.IOS 11 Features comes with new camera application options, including new effects, as well as enhancements to the live image feature. A “master image” can be selected, along with effects to make it look like GIF animations. With the new update.

the system stores images and videos in a new format that takes advantage of a small amount of memory.

IOS 11 Features:

Consolidate the Control Center in one page

The control center comes with a new design.

When you drag from the bottom of the screen, the control center appears with a different design than previous versions.

Some settings can be controlled directly from the screen, such as adjusting the volume and brightness.

and you can press any section to show more details.

The new control center features a number of shortcuts such as the Apple TV Control application shortcut.

Digital Assistant IOS 11 Features

The new version of IOS comes with enhancements to the Syriac Digital Assistant.

which is more user-friendly and has been able to translate between a number of languages.

Improvements to the iPAD

IOS 11 comes with a number of improvements to iPad computers, some of which apply to iPhone phones too.

which have made interaction with applications quite different from previous versions of the operating system, especially with regard to multitasking.

The new version of the system offers a platform for applications at the bottom of the screen, similar to the Mac OS.

where you can add and open any application from there.

with the possibility of dragging from the bottom of the screen to show the platform whenever the user wants to open a number of applications at the same time.

If you drag the application anywhere on the screen it can be made to function as a floating window .

over the current application or separate the screen to include a number of applications.

Dragging from the bottom of the screen, keeping the finger on the screen slightly.

, shows a page that allows switching between applications, including all open applications, and the system control center.

Drag and drop IOS 11 Features

This feature is one of the most prominent features of IOS 11, which allows users to drag and move links and images, with the ability to drag a set of images together and copy them in another application.

In addition to the application files which allows access to various files on the device or the services of iCloud and Google Drive clouds.

New features of the pen “Apple Pencil”

The new update comes with a number of features that improve the use of the stylus, including screen capability without opening the device lock, and the ability to edit, write, share, or save screen shots.

Authentication Scanning Feature

When scanning any image  bill or document, you can choose which angle to automatically enable the device, with enhanced reality technology  to modify images to appear as scanned by a scanner, and then can be edited  saved or shared.

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