Brilliant Measure is a device in the second arrangement of the Smart Tools gathering for Distance Measurement.

This rangefinder (telemeter) measures the separation and tallness of an objective utilizing trigonometry

Download Smart Measure


Utilization is straightforward : Stand up and press the shade. The imperative point is that you should point your camera at the GROUND, NOT the question. (i.e. Keeping in mind the end goal to gauge the separation from somebody, go for his shoes.)

Subsequent to squeezing the tallness catch, you can quantify your companion’s stature.

In the event that it isn’t exact, please perused the guidelines and see agenda chart in my blog. You can align this application with adjust menu for yourself.

* Main highlights:

– Meter <-> Feet

– Virtual Horizon

– Screen catch

– Sound impact on/off

– Material plan

* Pro form included highlights:

– No advertisements

– Width and Area

– Portrait mode

– Camera Zoom

* 3 apparatuses for separate were finished.

1) Smart Ruler (short, touch) : 1-50cm

2) Smart Measure (medium, trigonometry) : 1-50m

3) Smart Distance (long, point of view) : 10m-1km


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