The Wi-Fi Alliance announced the release of the new WPA3 encryption protocol to replace WPA2, and the standard has been officially adopted.

WPA2 is being announced as WPA3, the new encryption protocol WPA3, is being introduced with security features. We will summarize its advantages with the following points:

Encrypt user information

Protection against Buteforce attacks to guess passwords or try to enter through weak passwords.
WPA3 encryption protocol is a simplified protection protection for Internet IoT stuff that does not display protection settings.
It will provide 192-bit protection to protect users’ networks with higher protection requirements such as government and military organizations and others.
in addition, The latest development of PerlTec encryption WPA2 level of protection where there were many gaps and defects of the WPA2 protocol in terms of security aspects of the work on the work on and break it, whether Bruteforce and what was revealed by security researcher “Mathi Vahnov” Another gap in each of this program. WPA2

Can WPA3 networks be hacked?

This question is very important, but we could not protect 100% clip.

Hackers and hackers may be able to detect a protocol loophole or a special technique to explain it in fracture

Currently there are no special tools to break such installation as the most popular tools for hacking WPA2 .networks such as AirCrack Pack or Reaver and other tools.

Within a year from now reaching 2019, there will be new security responses and information regarding WPA3.


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