We mentioned before the program opens more than one account but only two accounts if you want to Open more than one whatsapp account or three accounts securely.

MoChat helps clone and run different social and amusement accounts online all the while on one telephone to isolate work and life.

MoChat is the first App on Android to helps users log in more than three accounts at the same time on one device. It’s as small as 6Mb, runs much faster and more steady than other similar apps. Whats’s more, It’s FREE forever.

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Mochat Features


 Log in to numerous records in the meantime on one gadget.

– Clone the same number of records as you like. Double records or more.

– Accounts are separate from each other. No stress over blended messages.

Protect client protection

– MoChat will never gather client’s close to home data of all applications included into MoChat.

– Users’ records are totally protected with MoChat.

Switch quick between various records with only one-tap and considerably more unfaltering than other comparative applications.

– Run in excess of three records at the same time and switch between them quick with one-tap to viable oversee distinctive records.


– Powerful, stable and simple to-utilize.

– Unique: MoChat depends on multiDroid, the principal application virtualization motor on Android.



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