The Reasons Will Make You Use The Opera Browser and Leave The Rest of The Browsers

The most important applications needed by the Internet user Come on an Internet browser that allows the user to browse the Web and the best browsing, here we will talk about opera browser and you will leave the rest .

There are many applications and there is no Internet user not known, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others.

The most popular hua chromium but the Opera browser is a lot ignorant of its advantages and that surpass the chrome we will talk about in our article.

Features of Opera are as follows:

Provide battery

If you are using the browser and your device is not connected to the charger, the browser will switch to a power saving state.

It will save 50% more power than other browsers.

Battery saving can also be customized by activating directly when the charging rate reaches a certain level through the power saving mode settings within the browser.

Quick Navigation Opera Turbo

If you have slow Internet connection you can turn opera turbo in Opera to make communication faster by compressing content such as images and videos within pages and reducing their size, making browsing faster and lighter.

Free VPN connection:

Opera browser provides you with this feature for free and unlimited data consumption, where you can through the browser to secure your Internet connection and maintain your privacy and prevent anyone from snooping on you.

Although the feature may not be as powerful as some paid services, it is very suitable for normal use and is not available in any competitor browser by default, giving preference to the Opera browser.

Block ads

The Opera app provides ad blocking by default.

so you do not need to use any extensions or extensions to block ads on your browser.

Support for instant communication applications

Users can rely on the Opera browser to run applications for instant communication within the browser, and currently supports the browser 3 applications are Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

This feature allows you to chat with your friends on different applications without having to leave the browser in a very flexible and easy way.

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