Training courses and conferences you can attend online

Training courses and conferences you can attend online. You can invest your time from wherever you are in developing your skills online. We will remind you of 5 courses and conferences you can take advantage of. Including training courses and conferences via the Internet and you can attend them all over the Internet. Here are conferences you can attend online.

Marketing course across social networks via Udemy

If you are still in the early stages of digital media, and want to know how to market using social media, this course will allow you to create a general knowledge about the work of these methods, and the best way to deal with them, PR, and customer service as well.

This course is aimed at leading individuals and those interested in business, whether professionals or academics. Everyone can visit the site to learn more about this course through the following link :

Training in creative writing online from the University of Iowa

Ewa University in America has launched a free course for all those who wish to learn poetic arts under the title “The Power of Pen”, which aims to encourage individuals to discuss social issues and diversity of societies within a distinctive theater and poetic theme.

All interested students can enroll in the electronic course through the university’s official website, without any academic experience or background, and can pay an additional fee of up to $ 50 for a certificate of attendance.

The entry is open until July 17. The course page can be accessed via the link:

Conference of Residency of the Media Arts Online

For film lovers and those interested in the media, an Asia media organization offers a virtual residence program targeting individuals and groups. It focuses on sharing experiences and sharing knowledge among those interested in the new media and its arts.

The program is divided into three main stages: direct discussion, artistic production and presentation, starting from 1 July and continuing through 30 August. It is expected to bring together diverse experiences from around the world, since it does not set conditions that specify nationality or country Participant Residence.

The application deadline is June 20, and you can find more information by visiting the page link on Facebook :

You can search for more conferences you can attend online in google.


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