Microsoft Expression – is software to develop html pages. The program is provided free from Microsoft and where you can easily edit html pages. Microsoft Expression – web is the alternative and extension of the old FrontPage software , which was released by Microsoft in the past. You can download the program directly from Microsoft.

Description of the Microsoft Expression program

The program designs web pages of standard quality and meets W3C standards for designing web pages. You can use it to create web pages like asp, html, and xhml. The program works with full support for css codes. This program provides many features, including the presence of many tools that help to design professional sites such as side buttons, toolbar and other professional tools that will leave the rest of the programs The manufacturer of this program is the giant electronics Makerssoft famous for its excellent production. This program also can see your work Directly after typing, thus checking the page and correcting the errors. The program is free and you can download it now:


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