Kali Linux distro has a pre-installed Apache service just what you have to run. I will explain to you how to run the local server in the Kali Linux system. There are two ways to run the service over the graphical interface or via the GUI, but not available in the latest versions of Kali by following the following to run local server in Kali Linux:

Kali Linux -> System Services -> HTTP -> apache2 start

To run the service via command, type the following command

service apache2 start

To access the configuration file go to / etc / apache2 via the following command:

cd /etc/apache2

Either to enter the place where you put the files to run the site, it is a pathway


Where you will see the index.html file for the default page of the local server that you can change and place your files.

To open the local site enter localhost or IPE



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